Independent Musician


 Anantapadmanabhan has given several solo performances in unique showcases of mridangam, konnokol and kanjira. Using inspirations from his diverse cultural background from the US as well as India, Akshay has developed his own voice as a soloist. He has given live performances in Abu Dhabi and in many parts of North America. Defined by technicality and creativity, he has enthralled diverse audiences and is constantly looking to expand the the awareness and potential of the mridangam across the globe.



In an effort to take South Indian percussion to the world, Akshay has been striving to reach audiences through different mediums. One of his recent projects has been a video series, which exposes the different intricacies in Carnatic rhythm both from a content, and technique point-of-view. The appropriate close-up shots of the mridangam perfectly-synced with audio is the hallmark of this high production-value series. For more details about the video series, visit the AkshayLaya Store.

With a deep fascination for percussion, Akshay has also been actively collaborating outside the Carnatic space. In the "world music" realm, Akshay's greatest inspiration is Zakhir Hussain, the musician who has taken the tabla to the world with unbelievable skill and collaborative spirit.   

In hopes of following this inspiration, Akshay has worked with several generes of musicians to lead his own groups as well as work in different bands. 

AAJ - Everpresent 
"AAJ" means today, a concept that is always present. The group aims to morph into fulfilling the daily need of music listeners. Whether at live concerts or wedding shows the team reaches audiences with a fresh approach to music collaboration between the Carnatic and Hindustani genres. AAJ recently went on a tour in November 2015 and will be releasing its debut album soon. Details about the album at the AkshayLaya Store.


Raga Trilogy
Invited as a mentor and composer during the The IndianRaga Fellowship 2015, Akshay co-conceptualized and composed a novel concept: "The Raga Trilogy." This band and series of three music videos explores the connection between popular tunes like iPhone ringtones, James Bond, Harry Potter, Pink Panther through Indian melody and rhythm.  


Rhythms of India
Led by guru Sri. T.H. Subash Chandran, the band features several rhythm-packed powerful compositions of Sri. Subash Chandran that have been showcased and lauded in different parts of the world. The group features different South Indian percussion instruments along side multi-genre melodic instruments. The groups is the epitome of precise execution, powerful rhythms and unmatchable speed. 

Akshay has also performed extensively with Hindustani, Latin jazz, American jazz, rock and Brazilian musicians in unique showcases of mridangam, konnokol and kanjira. He has been featured on several music albums collaborating with jazz, rock and classical musicians.