DIRECTOR & INSTITUTE HEAD - Guru. T.H. Subash Chandran

Study Indian rhythm from anywhere in the world with top professionals and gurus in the field.
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Learn Indian rhythm in a formalized, organized and consistent approach under the curriculum of Guru T.H. Subash Chandran. World renowned teacher, percussionist and composer, Sri. Subash Chandran has created an optimal method for students of the arts to learn Indian percussion through his years of service and experience in the Indian arts. We have taught students who want to study under the formal Indian arts pedagogy as well as musicians from other genres who are interested in adding a new perspective to their respective artforms.  

  • Konnakol (Vocal Percussion)
  • Mridangam (South Indian hand-drum)
  • Kanjira (South Indian frame-drum)
  • Ghatam (South Indian clay pot)
  • Morsing (South Indian mouth harp or Jew's Harp)

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