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My name is Akshay Anantapadmanabhan and I have been a hand drummer playing the mridangam, kanjira (South Indian percussion) and konnakol (vocal percussion) for over 25 years. 

Why I am on Patreon? 
As an artist, performance and creation of art is one dimension into my world, but more importantly I am also a student and fan/audience of the art, just like you. Audiences of music can experience art in different levels. While interacting with music through the raw emotions of the artist and listeners is beautiful, I strongly feel that with a greater understanding of Carnatic rhythm, my interaction with music has constantly been evolving. This journey and lens into Indian rhythm is what I would like to share with you on Patreon. 

Patreon will become an exclusive space for my audiences to demystify Indian rhythms, gain insights into the inner workings of rhythm and also see behind the scenes of some of my artistic creations. I will be posting videos introspecting about Carnatic rhythm, analyzing music of legends, sharing behind the scene moments of my music videos, hosting interactive sessions with fans and listeners and broadcasting exclusive virtual concerts for those who are interested. 

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